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​Create an Innovative technology platform that allows anyone
to easily detect ultra-trace proteins anywhere,
Contributing to further progress in the biomedical field



Aiming for a world where people and living things around the world can coexist in good health


Create an Innovative technology platform that allows anyone to easily detect ultra-trace proteins anywhere and contribute to further progress in the biomedical field


Let's face the harsh reality head on and survive.

Don't be afraid of "failure" and focus on taking on challenges.

​Aim to become a professional group in different industries

In the early 2000s, Etsuro Ito (currently a professor at Waseda University), who was doing research at Hokkaido University, was worried.

This is because while nucleic acids can be measured down to the minute copy number, it has been impossible to detect or quantify minute amounts of proteins.

Coincidentally he met a colleague who could address the problem, and after energetically developing the technology, he invented “TN-cyclon™(improved enzyme cycling method)”.

Even now, the accumulation of principles and laws that connect "genetic information" and "life phenomena" is scarce.

The key to understanding this is the proteins that function in living organisms.
In order to analyze the mechanisms of biological phenomena, technology to detect and quantify extremely small amounts of proteins is required.
We decided that we should spread this technology more widely around the world and launched BioPhenoMA.


Inspection technology changes the world.

Humans first discovered cells by observing sections of cork using a microscope.
The James Webb microscope revolutionized the way we image the universe.
We are opening the door to a new world with our "TN-cyclon™(improved enzyme cycling method)"

Business content

Providing high-sensitivity quantification services for ultra-trace proteins, we will support research and development of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, reagents, etc.

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Company Profile

Company Name

BioPhenoMA Inc.


​ Established

April 18, 2023


Naoto Fujii

Naoto Fujii



1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Waseda University Entrepreneurship Center


100,995,277 yen

General Counsel

AZX General Law Office

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